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Iambiomed, where Knowledge and Industry converges!
Iambiomed was started in 2012 as a website that offers study material to the biomedical engineering of Mumbai University. We aim to create mutually beneficial interaction!

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Smiths medical workshop

A workshop was conducted on 8th March 2014 at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology on the products of Smiths Medical. The students were briefed on the technology of products such as Syringe Pump, Transport Ventilator, Blood Infusion Warmer and Patient Warmer.

Draeger Design Centre Visit

In September 2014, A visit was organised to Draeger Design Centre, Mumbai, for the students of Watumull College, Mumbai. An opportunity for sudents to witness and learn about the critical care equipment of Draeger.


Iambiomed is proud to have launched the paper solutions for biomedical engineering students of Mumbai University, has been used by over thousands of students.

What After B.E!

A seminar was conducted in Watumull College in February 2015. The seminar was on the job opportunities and options that are available after completing Biomedical engineering. The students were also briefed on the application procedure for masters in biomedical engineering in US and Canada.