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Automated Blood Transfusion System   -Review Technical Paper

Sayali Kulkarni (Biomedical Engineer, GuruNanak Hospital & Research Centre) Falgun Khira Senior sales executive, atrian Medicals Pramod Salvi Service engineer, Air liquide healthcare Rohit Bedmutha Sale and application engineer, Cyronics instruments Pvt. Ltd. Pune


Auto transfusion is a process wherein a patient receives his or her own blood for transfusion, instead of banked donor blood. Blood can be pre-donated before a surgery, or can be collected during and after the surgery where there is expected a large volume of blood loss. This can be achieved by using a device commonly known as Cell Saver. 

The main aim of this system is automated collection of blood from patient and controlling the path of blood using temperature controller and bubble detector to make safe blood transfusion. 2. 


In case of patients having rare blood group it is very difficult to find matched donor. It is not possible every time that blood of required blood group is available in blood bank or hospitals. Allogenic blood transfusion may lead to immunologic and infectious effects leading to death. The Cell Saver is utilized in surgeries where there is expected a large volume blood loss- e.g. aneurysm, total joint replacement, and spinal surgeries. It applies a gentle vacuum suction to the wound drain. The blood from the surgical site is collected, filtered, and washed. Any blood safe to give back to the patient after this washing is separated and sent into its own bag. When enough blood is collected, it is infused back to the patient.

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