Hospital information system - Bhavna

HIS is an integrated information system designed to manage the Administrative, Financial and Clinical aspects of a hospital.

An endless stream of data begins with the outpatient and admitting departments and emanates from every department throughout the hospital.

Some of the information is vital to the well being of patients, while other data enhance the efficiency of the hospital.

The way the hospital responds to the challenges of information resource management,determines the quality of patient care and success or failure of the institution.

Design: The Information system department should be designed to meet the financial needs of various section of that department and other department of the hospital.

If there is a centralized department, the design should include glass walls with visibility into the department.

This will promote public and employee intererst.This will also help to present computerization of the hospital in the general public in a good light as a modern management control for better care for patient

Objectives: To provide an optimised support to the specific needs of the individual centres by enabling different vendors to offer specialized applications and allowing the users to select the most effective solutions for their needs.

To permit the different centres and units to co- operate on the basis of a substantial functional and information consistency, capable of ensuring that overall consistency of the healthcare organisation, which is necessary to increase the effectiveness and the reliability of the clinical, administrative, epidemiological and managerial activities carried out both at local and at territorial level.

MODULES OPD billing module IPD billing module Store module House keeping module Admin. Module Nursing or ward module Diet module Purchase module Medical record LIS and RIS


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