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PACS- An Introduction   -Review Article

Ganesh Nair

Biomedical Engineer, Medical Coder

Medical Imaging is one of the vast domains in the area of Biomedical. I have taken smallest part of this large domain which says about digitizing of the medical imaging in every manner right from taking an appointment of radiologist till the acquisition of reports by the patient.

Imaging informatics is a subspecialty of radiology that tries to achieve efficiency, accuracy and reliability of radiological service in a hospital/medical field.

Imaging informatics previously known as Radiology Informatics is sometimes thought only as the study of how images get transferred from place to another but in reality it has a much wider scope. It involves calling a colleague for patient history, calling a technologist to apply a protocol to check an image, reviewing images with a clinician, teaching a trainee, producing a formal report, justifying an examination to a third-party payer.

 These range of events fall under the category imaging informatics thus making the services reliable, efficient and accurate along with interpretation of images.

Pacs Workstation

A typical PACS workstation. Image only for representation purpose

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) is one of the major that focuses on imaging informatics though there are many other technologies which can improve the services of individual radiologists and the entire department.

Picture Archive and Communications System is a computer system which allows the digital capture of x-rays and other scans, such as CTs and MRI, viewing, storing and transfer of these images.

These images and reports are transmitted digitally via PACS.

PACS is a server-client node system in which one or more computers act as servers to store data and programs that are accessed by client computers on the system

PACS software can interface with most computers commonly used in medicine to include the hospital information system (HIS) and radiology information systems (RIS).


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