Rules and Regulations to Publish Articles on Iambiomed's e-magazine

1. Your submitted article may be a poster or can be a textual content .If it is a poster it should be your creation and not copied from any of the sources found in internet. Iambiomed appreciates your creativity. 

2. Articles submitted by you must relate to the world of Biomedical/Clinical Engineering and Healthcare domain. If you are taking references from any source you must mention the sources from which you have referred.

3. Articles must be sent preferably in in MS Word document. Also if possible some representational images must be added into the article.

4. Email your articles on

5. If you are working in a company and would like to submit any kind of data/experiences, prior permission from the company's authorized person should be taken. 

6. If the permission is granted make sure you must submit the proof of the same, Since Iambiomed would not be held responsible for any of the legal actions taken by your respective company.

7. Iambiomed being a platform only for spreading knowledge. It appreciates your contribution as well as your innovation.


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